I’m Matt and I’m here to help you with your pain and injuries and a few other things along the way. I do this for a living and I’ve experienced my fair share along the way too. I like to think of myself as 10ft tall and bullet proof, but in reality i’m a lot closer to 6ft and I’m yet to have my bullet proof-ability tested, (you’ll be the first to know if I do).  I’m early 30s & live in and love Melbourne, Australia.

I used to swim. A LOT! and I mean a lot! So much so, that even a whiff of chlorine sends shivers down my spine and my shoulders explode right out of their sockets! True story 🙂 These days I love running & bootcamping and have recently started making runs more interesting by throwing in some obstacles – tough mudder, spartan race etc and they’re awesome!

I specialise in Chronic Pain and Sports Injuries and ply my trade at Melbourne Muscular Therapies (MMT) in Richmond. MMT exists with one goal in mind –

“helping people when seemingly all other pain removal options have failed.”

or as I like to put it – “Ridding the world of pain one client at a time”.

I use the Tiger Balm Warrior as an alter ego representing all of you out there wrapped up in your heat packs (find the post on why I don’t use ice), compression and tiger balm keeping the aches at bay!

This page has tips and ideas on how to stay mobile and pain free along with random musings and information that I enjoy and think you will too. I’ll also be sharing emails that I send to my database from MMT with all sorts of great information on specific conditions and how you can help treat them yourself at home!

Don’t be shy – comment on posts and start discussions! I love hearing from you


Got something to add? I love feedback on my posts and if it's interesting enough others will love it too

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