Why it’s important to be Strong

The origin of these posts is from emails I send to a database of my clients from MMT where I work. I had great feedback about the #JERF and compression post’s over the last week from those guys, I hope you enjoyed it too!

Let’s talk today about why it’s important for your body to be strong. I’ll cover in the coming weeks why I use a certain method of strengthening over others when working with clients.

If you come in for treatments you will often hear me talking about ‘getting your body (or a specific part of it) strong’, obviously there are different types and levels of strength but the idea is to be “strong enough to support your body through the things in life that you want to do”. I like to call it Practical Strength. 

It doesn’t matter if what you want to do is run a marathon, pick up small cars like this guy, do the gardening, or simply be strong enough to support yourself through a happy and healthy life, it’s important to have strength available to you when you need it.

Why is it important?

When you don’t have appropriate strength to do a task that you want to do, your body will find alternative ways to offer support to itself. Often this involves tightening and thickening of the connective tissue, including fascia and muscle, as a means of offering more structured support. When this tissue thickens you start to lose the ability to move effectively. Think of it as the the body sacrificing some of it’s mobility so it can increase it’s stability (there are other reasons why your tissue tightens up but we’ll just focus on this today).

It is this tight and thick tissue that you get worked on during a Solidified Connective Tissue (SCT) Release treatment; You know that really not-painful at all hands on work I do to you on the table 😉

Now you understand why it is important to have strength, you may be wondering how you should go about ‘getting strong’. If we’ve talked about it in the clinic you’ll know we use a technique called Neuro-Muscular Facilitation Power Training, or NMF Power Training. Most of you probably just know it as just; ‘lifting’. NMF Power Training is unique in that it stretches the tight thickened tissue and strengthens areas of weakness in the same movement.

NMF Power training is particularly effective as you use enough resistance to engage muscular and neural pathways that don’t normally get used in your everyday life, even if you go to the gym or do Pilates.

NB: I could write a whole other article on why NMF Power Training is more effective than Pilates when it comes to rehabilitation but luckily someone else has already done that for me – check it out here. Long story short – functional strength training activates the deep stabilising muscles of the body and Pilates doesn’t. Read the article if you want to find out more.

I’ll continue the discussion on why it’s important that you strengthen your body another time and I’ll go into more detail on how we go about doing this at MMT and I’ll give you some great ideas and tips on how to go about doing it yourself.

Stay Strong!


Back Pain

This is an email I shared with the MMT database last year. It gives a great summary of some causes of back pain and glimpse into how we go about treating it.

Today I’d like to talk to you about Lower Back Pain,

Does this sound like you or someone you know? – “I had spent literally thousands of dollars on physio’s and chiro’s. I tried everything to get a long term fix, but after seeing countless specialists I gave into their opinion that my back pain was something I’d always have to live with.” 

Lower Back pain is the most common condition that we treat at MMT and despite what you may hear, even from back specialists – 97% of Back Pain is 100% curable and in most cases the pain isn’t coming from the spine or its intervetebral discs.

So where is it coming from? The reality is that muscles are the primary source of chronic back pain and muscle pain can almost always be successfully treated without surgery or drugs and that is my specialty!

Ok… so what causes it?
Of course, causes for back pain vary from person to person. What is important to understand is that the length or level of back pain you are experiencing is not necessarily a sign of how ‘bad’ your back actually is. Regardless of whether the pain is 3 months old or 3 decades old, the solution to bad backs is the same. Address strength imbalances, address postural imbalances, remove inflammation and take pressure away from the spine.

We use a unique form of hands on treatment called SCT (Solidified connective tissue) release, which is a combination of deep tissue manipulation and myofascial release, dedicated to melting the restricted connective tissues causing your pain and or dysfunction. SCT Release is the most concentrated, deep and effective style of hands on treatment available for chronic pain and restriction. We are not massage therapists.  We do not relax your muscles, only to have that tension and pain return.  We do not skip over key areas of dysfunction, wasting time working on areas that do not need it.

“They gave me a plain English explanation as to why I was in pain and how they could eliminate all my pain by addressing the cause, not just the symptoms. I immediately knew that MMT was different to every other clinic and that they could genuinely fix my back for good. After a few treatments, the pain reduced dramatically. I was pain free for a few days at a time (the first time for over 7 years). After 6 weeks, not only was I completely pain free, but I felt stronger than I had done for years.”

This is not a guarantee that you’ll be pain free in 6 weeks, just an example of the type of work that we can do. For more examples check out the back pain testimonials page or some great videos on MMT’s youtube channel.