Fit for Purpose

Ever questioned what you’re actually training for? Maybe it’s time to put
your fitness to the test in a real world environment?

Have a read of this great post from Dan Edwardes – Parkour coach and seemingly all round movement man!

Dan Edwardes

IMG_3813What’s the point of being fit? Have you ever asked yourself this simple question?

Many would say it’s to ensure we have a long, wholesome life; some kind of biological duty to our own bodies, to stay in mint condition until we finally succumb to old age and die, leaving an unblemished corpse.

For me, fitness and health are just a means to a larger end – something to enable me to live as I wish, to accomplish what I want, to face any challenge and adversity that may come my way and do my best to overcome it.  Fitness isn’t the goal in and of itself; it’s just a tool, a part of my training which in itself is simply to allow me to follow my path for as long as I desire. It’s a by-product of living my life to the fullest, nothing more.

There is a powerful…

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