Desire Lines

Ever heard the term desire lines? Nope….? Neither had I until recently!

I have adapted the following from an email I subscribe to from these guys – (excuse the language) www.thef**

Think about how you might be able to apply this to you daily life
On some recent travels, we stayed in a bungalow that was part of a hotel.

To get to the hotel from the bungalow, we had to take a path.

Only, the path wasn’t the quickest way to the hotel… there was a very obvious shortcut that meant stepping through a hedge and over some grass.

We nipped across this shortcut every time.
And it seemed that everyone else had too – as a path was worn.
Even recent attempts by the hotel to discourage this route (they had planted more hedge in the hedge gap) were to no avail.

Architects would call this path that we’d created a ‘desire line’: the natural path people take between one place and another.
The best architects see where the desire lines are, then build the paths there. Most don’t.

In life, most of us follow the paths created by poor architects.
Many of us don’t even know where these paths are leading, never mind whether they’re the quickest route to where we want to go.

This is a big thing, but –
– Where do you want to go?
– What’s your desire line to it?

Don’t be waylaid by others’ or your bodies dysfunctional paths or ideas, or others’ ideas on which path you should take.

Find your own. And follow that.

You can apply this in many ways to many aspects of your life….

A desire line doesn’t necessarily mean a shortcut either. It may take a bit of work for you to lay down a new pathway through the hedge, just as it takes some work for you to strengthen a new neural pathway and develop more efficient movement patterns in your body.

Have a great weekend!


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